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Bright Lights & Borrowing Brilliance

by Rick Baker
On Dec 29, 2010
Think about the things you do best.
Think about the things your company does best.
…People compliment you
…People compliment your coworkers
…People write nice things about your products and services
…People seek you out to take tours of your operation
These are a few of the ways you can identify your Bright Lights.
Likely, these Bright Lights will also align with your areas of highest gross margin.
Without getting into much detail, but remembering Pareto’s Law1, also known as the 80/20 Rule, let your eyes focus on your Bright Lights.
Take the time to understand your Bright Lights.
Ask yourself…
  • Exactly why are these things my Bright Lights?
Then ask yourself…
  • How can I copy and enhance these Bright Lights?
These are keys to business excellence.
Don’t be afraid to Borrow Brilliance.
About Borrowing Brilliance:
  • We recommend looking at companies in other business sectors to find Bright Lights. Then perform a process such as that explained in the book Borrowing Brilliance – The Six Steps to Business Innovation by Building on the Ideas of Others2.
  • We recommend looking at companies in your business sector: understand what they do so you can work at offering a real differential advantage.
  1. Pareto’s Law: a rule of thumb - 20% of cause delivers 80% of results. For example: 20% of your sales people deliver 80% of your sales.
  2. http://www.borrowingbrilliance.com


Borrowing Brilliance

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rick baker
2/28/2014 10:41:36 PM #

"I've probably been in more Kmarts than anybody in the country."  

Sam Walton
June 29, 1992, FORTUNE Magazine

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