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Stronger Relationships Reduce Business Risk

by Rick Baker
On Dec 20, 2021

Some people view business governance and risk management in terms of strong documents backed by strong processes:

  • A strong-document example – a well-vetted employment contract.
  • A strong-process example – a well-engineered ISO system of operation.

While there is no question strong documents and strong processes contain potential value, when you consider them ‘in isolation’ you can readily see they do nothing but sit on shelves or in the soft files on hard drives. I mean, when you get right down to it they are pieces of process that do not amount to anything until they find themselves in good places in human minds and human hands.

Since human hands accomplish little without the backing of and full support from human minds, it is important to focus on the good places in human minds and human hearts.

How would you describe those good places?

In a word – Relationships.

Strong relationships bring out the best in people.

And strong relationships are built on trust.

Strong documents and strong processes do not confirm strong relationships because, generally, they are not founded on trust. Rather, strong documents and strong process are attempts to cover human shortcomings. When you get right down to the bottom of them, most documents and processes tend to be founded on negative thinking…including mindsets of distrust.

In theory – strong documents and strong processes provide good governance and reduce business risk.

In reality – strong relationships reduce business risk.

The essence of business is exchange of value.

by Rick Baker
On Jun 26, 2021

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Stephen R Covey taught - the essence of business is relationships. I believe the essence of business is exchange of value. I believe, in business, exchange of value includes building relationships. Relationships is a subset of the value exchanged in business. No question - relationships are an essential ingredient of life. [Unless, I suppose, one is able to live the life of a hermit.] Certainly, relationships are the essence of society, whether family or community or all of human civilization.


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When we to want to win at all costs, our perspectives become quite blind to the realities of situations.

by Rick Baker
On May 15, 2021

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Some people cannot adjust their thinking to fit the realities of the situations at hand.

Some people cannot even begin to untie their emotions, so they can use logic to think about the real facts they face in situations.

Perhaps, the problem is, their Ego must cry out for help regardless of the situation they face?  



Business flourishes when pleasant-enough personalities exchange interesting ideas.

by Rick Baker
On May 11, 2021

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

And, of course, following through on commitments.

Link to Thought Tweet #278


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Some never tire of fighting the same battles, using the same weapons, & meeting the same defeats. What peculiar stamina!

by Rick Baker
On May 8, 2021

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

It seems some people never tire of experiencing the same old problems. What peculiar stamina!

Perhaps most of us appear that way when viewed from others' perspectives. [Attribution Bias]

Perhaps when observed by others most of us appear to obstinately cling to the bad habits that limit our ability to deal successfully with other people?

Perhaps my perceptions of other people's behaviour, as I watch them struggle, are too harsh?

People are 'selflings': that's a good rather than a bad thing...so focus on yourself...regularly.

by Rick Baker
On May 5, 2021

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

About that suffix 'ling': yes, often pejorative; but, not always.

So, cut other selflings some slack, as they will have to do for you if you are to achieve your desires.


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