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When troubles consume your thoughts, remember "Your tooth will cease aching if your house is afire..."

by Rick Baker
On Jun 14, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

"Your tooth will cease aching if your house is afire..." Frank Channing Haddock made that point in his 1910 classic, 'Power of Will'. 

Long before the medical sciences confirmed the concepts of neuroplasticity, people knew the awesome power & virtually unlimited possibilities available to the human mind. 

If emergencies can remove the pain of toothaches then properly trained minds can do the same thing.

Our minds have the ability to remove the 'negative feelings and thoughts' we encounter during day-to-day life.

You cannot be worried, be angry, be frustrated and make money.

by Rick Baker
On Jun 12, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

You can be habitually worried, angry, and frustrated...many people prove that.

But, how many successful people have you met who make habits of worry, anger, and frustration?


Worry, when held in controlled quantity, can motivate.

Anger has the ability to generate action...mostly destructive, but occasionally productive.

Frustration: the worst of the three; unproductive, inactive, unhealthy.


If you look into a mirror and see a worried, angry, frustrated face, you are peering into the eyes of a person who will never be wealthy. 

...on the other hand, you just may find that face smiles at you, laughs, gets into a better mood, and accomplishes something constructive.

Better to climb mountains in your mind than on the back of your donkey-ego.

by Rick Baker
On Jun 8, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

May your molehills remain molehills and may your ego choose molehills over mountain climbing.

Refuse to allow your ego to join the mule trains climbing those mountains!


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When we look outward and feel things are beyond our control it is most difficult to look inward and muster self-control.

by Rick Baker
On Jun 6, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Some situations seem to be beyond our control. In fact, some situations are beyond our control. Other situations just appear to be beyond our control. Regardless, really beyond our control or appearing beyond our control - these are the situations that put our self-control to the toughest test. When our locus of control is tested, so is our self-control. We do better when we anticipate these situations and prepare, in our minds, for them. 



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In small doses anxiety energizes and hones focus. In large doses anxiety becomes a demon that destroys quality of life.

by Rick Baker
On Jun 5, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Anxiety is part of our lives.

Anxiety is laced with rumination about past mistakes and problems or worry about future mistakes and problems.

In small doses anxiety helps us overcome difficulties, which leads to the building of confidence

In large doses anxiety can overwhelm us, leading to avoidance lack of confidence and even depression.

One key to success: when anxiety is triggered begin by taking on little challenges. that will help you gain the confidence you will require when you face larger challenges.

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