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How is it people who are 'too busy' find time to share their problems with others & watch all that Reality TV?

by Rick Baker
On Jan 25, 2020

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

When 2 pet peeves collide...

(1) People ain't too busy - they just brainwash themselves that way.

(2) Reality TV just ain't - at least it ain't the sort of reality that creates value.


I'm too busy! - I don't have time! | Thought Tweets

Organized people get more done; disorganized people get more stress.

by Rick Baker
On Jan 22, 2020

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

When we are disorganized we make more errors and errors cause more work...and sometimes cause other people to have negative reactions...and then there is more stress.

Disorganization = more errors = more fixing of errors = repeated work = annoyed people = more stress.


I'm too busy! - I don't have time! | Thought Tweets

Do you spend more time (A) annoying people or (B) watching TV people you don't know annoying people you don't know?

by Rick Baker
On Jan 14, 2020

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

The mob loves reality TV. As technology advances the mob watches real TV people decorate cakes, dance with stars, and catch alligators. The mob has an insatiable appetite for annoying other people - both doing it and watching it being done.

As the techies and academics work away at bringing us the Singularity, the mob gorges itself on a wide range of TV reality shows. What a juxtaposition. 

Free up some time and ease your mind - have a pre-set process for dealing with problems.

by Rick Baker
On Jan 3, 2020

The Thinking Behind the Tweet

Another piece of free up some time advice… 

Many people waste a huge amount of time worrying about and even agonizing over problems. 

Business life is laced with problems…some small, some not-so-small. 

So, it makes sense to have a ready-to-use system for addressing problems. 

This provides many benefits…but, here, I will only mention 3: 

  • It ensures time is not wasted thinking about how to go about addressing the problem
  • It forces a solution orientation…i.e., positivity trumps worry
  • It builds confidence 

That’s why we created P=2S+O©

A link to P=2S+O©


I'm too busy! - I don't have time! | Solutions & Opportunities | Thought Tweets

Beware those vagrant thoughts. [Unless, of course, you want to waste a lot of time.]

by Rick Baker
On Jan 2, 2020

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Vagrant thoughts find their home in the endless mental chatter that flows through our minds. 

Vagrant thoughts make up much of our mental chatter.

Some of our thoughts meet the criteria for statutory vagrancy - they are intentionally unproductive and [call it] allergic to gainful employment.


I'm too busy! - I don't have time! | Thinking as in Think and Grow Rich | Thought Tweets

Isn't it ironic that successful people are busy while unsuccessful people are too busy?

by Rick Baker
On Aug 28, 2019

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

I've never heard a successful person say, "I'm too busy."

I've heard many struggling people say, "I'm too busy."

There must be a cause-and-effect at play here...

Perhaps, successful people never place themselves into too-busy situations, so they never feel or think too-busy?

Perhaps, people who say "I'm too busy" doom themselves to never be successful?

Understanding the power of self-talk and not wanting to take chances on the latter...I choose to never say "I'm too busy."




I'm too busy! - I don't have time! | Thought Tweets

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