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When you know defeat has arrived muster your courage and take one more step ahead.

by Rick Baker
On Jan 17, 2020

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

As Napoleon Hill said, "Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit".


"When faced with defeat the easiest and most logical thing to do is to quit. That is exactly what the majority of people do. More than 500 of the most successful people America has ever known told the author their greatest success came just one step beyond the point at which defeat had overtaken them."



Attitude: Creating Positive Attitude | Thought Tweets | Values: Personal Values

Do you spend more time (A) annoying people or (B) watching TV people you don't know annoying people you don't know?

by Rick Baker
On Jan 14, 2020

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

The mob loves reality TV. As technology advances the mob watches real TV people decorate cakes, dance with stars, and catch alligators. The mob has an insatiable appetite for annoying other people - both doing it and watching it being done.

As the techies and academics work away at bringing us the Singularity, the mob gorges itself on a wide range of TV reality shows. What a juxtaposition. 

Listen to what people say...are their words the words of Victims or Initiators?

by Rick Baker
On Jan 13, 2020

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

We do better with people when we understand them...as Stephen Covey taught - 'Seek First to Understand'.

We all go through ups and downs and the ups and downs can skew our day-to-day personalities. So, yes - it is rash to judge personality too quickly.

Setting day-to-day variances aside, we all have predominant tendencies. While we do not want to pretend we are armchair psychologists, our success in this world of other people increases when we observe people and develop an ability to understand them.

And, people do have predominant tendencies. One of those tendencies has been captured by psychologists and labelled locus of control. Some of us 'have' an internal locus of control while some of us 'have' an external locus of control. People who 'have' the internal locus of control believe they can affect change and outcomes. They tend to be Initiators. People who 'have' the external locus of control believe they have little ability to influence change or outcomes. They are fatalists or Victims. 

Victims tend to complain about their lot in life. Victims tend to blame others. Victims tend to blame situations. Victims are pessimistic. Victims make excuses. Feelings of envy and jealousy hang around the shadows of Victims.

Initiators are the opposite.

[Give Victims comfort. Give Initiators latitude.]

Doubters don't build.

by Rick Baker
On Jan 11, 2020

The Thinking Behind the Tweet

Doubters criticize. Doubters demotivate. Doubters question when questions are simply annoying.

In these ways, doubters are destroyers.




Some people take the same route to work every day...if that route is blocked, they cannot find a way to work.

by Rick Baker
On Dec 31, 2019

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Human Beings all creatures of habit.

While considering our goals we always have many routes to achieve them. However, sometimes we just cannot look ahead and see new routes. We become victims of our situations, stalled in the present, stalled in the problem. 

You too can see the positive things in people...just open your mind then your eyes.

by Rick Baker
On Aug 15, 2019

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

When you have a positive mental attitude you are less critical of others.

When you have an agreeable personality you are less critical of others.

When you want to and think you can...you will see the best in people.

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