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Entrepreneurs have an innate talent: moving back and forth between narrow and wide focus...identifying opportunities and digging deeply..

by Rick Baker
On Jul 6, 2020

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

I have talked with many successful entrepreneurs who possess this innate talent. Many of these talented entrepreneurs work in our Waterloo area. This innate 'focus-talent' provides them the ability to see problems & opportunities before others see them.

Because of their innate Focus BrainSmart, it is accurate to say these entrepreneurs see things that are invisible to most people. 

They see problems before others see them. Sometimes this is interpreted as pessimism. It isn't pessimism. It's better-than-most vision.

These entrepreneurs also see opportunities before others see them. Sometimes this is seen as maverick. If it is maverick then maverick is a really good thing because it opens the doors for innovation and insight...and injection of value for clients.

When this valuable talent is not recognized by employers...well, that's a common cause of successful entrepreneurial start-ups.


Entrepreneur Thinking | STRENGTHS: People-Focused for Success | Thought Tweets

Sooner or later, entrepreneurship beats egos down to a successful size.

by Rick Baker
On Apr 16, 2020

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

To succeed for any extended period, an entrepreneur must have a balanced ego. When an entrepreneur's ego gets out of control, sooner or later, problems begin to arrive in waves. Like water on rough stones, repeated waves of problems take the cutting edge off of an entrepreneur's ego...offering the entrepreneur the opportunity to become a business leader.


Attitude: Creating Positive Attitude | Entrepreneur Thinking | Thought Tweets

Success Key: find the growth that aligns with both the pessimists’ good habits and the optimists’ interests in new things.

by Rick Baker
On Jul 2, 2019

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

The common ground where optimists and pessimists can stand together and self-actualize together is – Growth....all entrepreneurial leaders love to build and grow things.



I didn't see the financial meltdown coming. I didn't see the economic recession coming. I do see some things now...

by Rick Baker
On Jun 30, 2019

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Having been through those challenges, and rethinking business, I have a better picture of what we need to do to protect our businesses. I know business leaders need to inject Maker-thinking into their business. And, they need to do more good-old-fashioned testing of ideas...that's the entrepreneur-proven route to innovation.

Canadian leaders need to stop avoiding people problems and come up with better ways to remedy them.

Canadian leaders need to start matching talents with tasks.

When Leaders tell followers what to do they need to limit that telling to BIG PICTURE things.

by Rick Baker
On Jun 16, 2019

The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet

Some think Leaders should provide followers latitude to do their work as they choose. Some think that’s the way to breed creativity and maximize motivation, innovation, and results. Meanwhile, many [perhaps most] entrepreneur-Leaders tend to micro-manage. 4 keys to success in business:

  1. The Leader must pick strong/capable followers, 
  2. The Leader must tell those followers the desired BIG PICTURE things such as VALUES, VISION, MASTER RULES, and MAJOR GOALS
  3. The Leader must show those followers how he/she [the Leader] goes about his/her work [actions]…i.e., setting one example, the example that fits the Leader’s strengths and personality, and 
  4. the Leader must make it clear he/she expects followers to take action that fits their unique strengths and personalities.

Influencing Powerful People - #5

by Rick Baker
On Feb 24, 2019

For a month now, I have been writing short thought posts sharing quotes from Dirk Schlimm, who will be CFFB's special guest and keynote speaker on April 26th.

This week's quote from Dirk's book:

“And the fact is that powerful people are often desirous and capable of a large spectrum of contribution; they are not just a “genius”, but a genius universalis.”

So, the powerful people Dirk is talking about are universal geniuses...geniuses with broad and deep capabilities.

Over the years, I have written about such people. Here are a couple of examples, which shed light on the value we will obtain when we understand the wisdom Dirk will share with us on April 26th: 

  • When we see these gifted entrepreneurs/powerful people in action, we have choices on how we interact with them. For example, we can accept their unique strengths and choose to help them. Or, we can criticize their shortcomings and choose to undermine their efforts and even fight them. I favour understanding powerful people's strengths and complementing their strengths with our strengths. To accomplish this, we must control the 'littlenesses in our natures'. Here's a thought post with more details - 'Controlling the common littlenesses of human nature'.
As we spend time thinking about how we can achieve our goals while working with powerful people, we find ourselves drawn into the territory of heroes.

Now, that is energized territory!

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