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Talents are not what we do; Talents are the 'substances' that define us and make us unique.

by Rick Baker
On Jan 7, 2020

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Talents are the numbers of our personal combination lock; talents are the keys to our desires and action-drivers.

Talents stand tall and explain why we do what we do.


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The Value of putting individual’s Talents & Strengths to work [at work]

by Rick Baker
On Dec 30, 2019

Overall, the value of strengths-based business can be summed up in terms of increased engagement and improved motivation, which leads to increased profit.


Here’s the logic…and the related emotional connections:

1.    People are interested in understanding their natural talents…we see this in their faces and we hear it in their stories when we sit with them to discuss their Top 5 Talent Themes.

2.    People want to use their natural talents…again, starting with our first 1-on-1 meeting, we observe enthusiasm when people talk about their talents; we also observe frustration when they talk about their work-failures and work-troubles.  

3.    Work-tasks can be tweaked to align better with a person's natural talents…this concept catches people’s attention; everyone we have interviewed wants to give this a try [many have doubts and want to see proof, however, all are prepared to give it a try].  

4.    When work-tasks are tweaked to align with individuals’ natural talents the individuals perform better – improved effectiveness…when people know they are being more effective they gain self-confidence – as self-confidence rises people are more comfortable with work and with ‘change’.

5.    When individuals know their organization is building a strengths-based business they – especially, the most-talented individuals -  create efficiencies, leading by example:

 ·        measureable efficiencies, such as lower staff turnover rates, and

·        common-sense efficiencies such as less time wasted complaining.

 …leading performers tend to have strong personalities, which reflect their character – the visible result of their innate talents, values, and desires; leading performers become fully engaged when they know their strengths are recognized.

6.    When individuals know their organization is building a strengths-based business they help the organization create a culture of self-motivationwhen individuals’ talents are put to use they find it much easier to bring a smile to work – each smile is a reflection of confidence backed by natural talents.



     Natural Talent

+     Opportunity

+     Knowledge

Practised Skills



STRENGTHS: People-Focused for Success

Talent can get lost...even young Mozart was too busy playing notes to focus his mind on quality music.

by Rick Baker
On Aug 31, 2019

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Apparently, even the greatest, including the child-prodigy composers, could get all wrapped up in their instruments and their talents at the expense of gaining the specialized knowledge required to excel. [Fortunately, they had mentors.]

Strengths = Talent + Opportunity +Specialized Knowledge + Practised Skills.


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Willpower is about converting self-drive into purposeful action.

by Rick Baker
On Aug 16, 2019

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

 If you have no definite purpose, no chief aim, no goals - then you have no need of willpower. Of course, your accomplishments will be unpredictable at best and destructive at worst.


"Persistence involves adherence to a purpose clean through to a goal."

Frank Channing Haddock

'Power of Will', (1910)


Goals - SMARTACRE Goals | STRENGTHS: People-Focused for Success | Thought Tweets

Discipline is the only remedy for wasted Talent.

by Rick Baker
On Aug 14, 2019

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

When discipline is absent Talent is dormant, submerged, and wasted.

That's why discipline is a good thing.

Discipline serves a key role when success is in action.


STRENGTHS: People-Focused for Success | Thought Tweets

An interview or performance review question: How do you use your Talents to expand your ability to influence people?

by Rick Baker
On Aug 10, 2019

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

The Gallup folks have defined 4 Talent Domains for leadership: Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, & Strategic Thinking.

When we look at local leaders' Talent Themes we notice a lack of Influencing Talent Themes. A lack of Influencing talent & strength is widespread throughout businesses in our geography.

Understanding that, we need to help leaders improve their ability to Influence others.

A good starting point is understanding whether or not they understand the importance of Influence...and are taking steps to improve in the area of Influencing.

A good next step is providing Influencing-help in the form of specialized knowledge, situations/opportunities, and time to practice skills.

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