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Stronger Relationships Reduce Business Risk

by Rick Baker
On Dec 20, 2021

Some people view business governance and risk management in terms of strong documents backed by strong processes:

  • A strong-document example – a well-vetted employment contract.
  • A strong-process example – a well-engineered ISO system of operation.

While there is no question strong documents and strong processes contain potential value, when you consider them ‘in isolation’ you can readily see they do nothing but sit on shelves or in the soft files on hard drives. I mean, when you get right down to it they are pieces of process that do not amount to anything until they find themselves in good places in human minds and human hands.

Since human hands accomplish little without the backing of and full support from human minds, it is important to focus on the good places in human minds and human hearts.

How would you describe those good places?

In a word – Relationships.

Strong relationships bring out the best in people.

And strong relationships are built on trust.

Strong documents and strong processes do not confirm strong relationships because, generally, they are not founded on trust. Rather, strong documents and strong process are attempts to cover human shortcomings. When you get right down to the bottom of them, most documents and processes tend to be founded on negative thinking…including mindsets of distrust.

In theory – strong documents and strong processes provide good governance and reduce business risk.

In reality – strong relationships reduce business risk.

More about our Clients’ Client philosophy

by Rick Baker
On Dec 13, 2021
Business consultants, coaches, and advisors help their Clients run their businesses more competitively.
Business consultants, coaches, and advisors help their Clients deliver more Value to their Clients.
You can do this too.
In fact, there’s a strong argument to be made, you better do this too.
You can help your Clients deliver more Value to their Clients.
That’s one aspect of our Clients’ Client philosophy.
Here are a few things to consider as you plan the Value you will deliver to your Clients:
  • How might you help your Clients improve the quality of their products and services?
  • How might you help your Clients improve the delivery of their products and services?
  • How might you help your Clients increase their sales?1
  • How might you help your Clients find better suppliers?
  • How might you help your Clients reduce their costs?
  • How might you help your Clients improve their cash flow?
As you consider these and other things you can do to help your Clients, view these things from 2 perspectives:
  1. Your products & services: make sure they contain the stuff that helps your Clients deliver Value to their Clients
  2. Your Strengths: make sure you lever your corporate Strengths and your personal Strengths to help your Clients deliver Value to their Clients [be a trusted advisor]
  1. Of course, the best way to do this is to bring Clients to your Clients…that’s half the Clients’ Clients philosophy. Your skill in this area is the thing that will truly differentiate you from your competition.


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Many Business Leaders Struggle With Meshing Work

by Rick Baker
On Dec 6, 2021

In his audio-book 'Die Empty' (2013), Todd Henry talks about 3 types of work and 4 types of people.

I find his concept useful as a Seek Simple tool. 

This concept provides a new perspective on Spirited Leaders' philosophy: Business Contains Only 3 Things - People, Processes, & Situations.

According to Todd:

  • Mapping includes work such as strategic planning
  • Making includes the work of delivering products and services, creating value
  • Meshing includes self-development work and work Spirited Leaders define as borrowing brilliance [putting curiosity to work]
and Todd sees 4 'productivity profiles'...
  • Developers are people who engage in all three types of work
  • Drivers are people who do Mapping and Making work but no Meshing work
  • Drifters are people who do Making and Meshing but no Mapping work
  • Dreamers are people who do Mapping and Meshing work but no Making work
Here's a Spirited Leaders' conclusion, based on observing hundreds of local business leaders: many business leaders struggle with Meshing work. And, coupled with this, many business leaders fail to understand the importance of Meshing work so not only do they not do it themselves but they also fail to inspire their followers to do it. As a result, many business people fail to grow to the point where they are able to put their talents to full use. Also, without the benefit of Meshing work many business people struggle with handling change let alone leading change. These people-process shortfalls explain why many businesses cannot keep up with their competition.

...and that's an argument in favour of life-long learning.

Good News: you have an emotionally charged group of leaders. Now: how do you convert that energy to the positive?

by Rick Baker
On Dec 5, 2021

When our ancestors first saw fire, the first things they saw and understood were destruction and danger. As time passed, as they became more thoughtful and more adventuresome, our ancestors learned the energy of fire could be harnessed and put to productive use. 

Harnessing energy and putting it to good use...that's the territory of leadership.

So, when you see people blowing off steam at work recognize there is energy generating the steam. Energy is good. Energy does good when it is harnessed and properly directed. That's a thing of leadership.

Leaders: Make sure your confidence does not threaten your followers.

by Rick Baker
On Dec 4, 2021

Some followers are intimidated by Leader's self-confidence. Here are some Spirited suggestions, to make sure you do not come across that way: 

  • Be authentic…it is OK to be on the reserved side of centre if that is your character…it is OK to be on the boisterous side if that is your character
  • Be committed to working on self-improvement…i.e., raising his or her own self-confidence when that is required, as it will be from time to time
  • Focus on strengths: personal strengths and the strengths possessed by others
  • As Dale Carnegie taught, "Praise heartily"
  • Make full and appropriate use of humour…some leaders have just a little of it and will need to remind themselves of the importance of putting it to good use…other leaders have heavy doses of it and they will need to remind themselves to never let it go too far…self-humour is best…humour at the expense of others is an absolute no-no
  • Listen…resurrect that art if it has become lost
  • Master your emotions…and keep them under control [most of the time]
  • Live with Integrity…as defined here

Plan for the particular and the peculiar...because that's what you are...and so is your perspective.

by Rick Baker
On Jul 31, 2021

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Particular, peculiar, distinctive, & unique: in the English language the meaning of these words overlap. Of these 4 words, we should give 'peculiar' its fair share of consideration.  While many people will struggle with defining themselves as 'peculiar', others will barely hesitate to do it...I mean, to other people...of course.


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