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Thought Tweet #611

by Rick Baker
On Nov 19, 2012

Thought Tweet #611 Good leaders don't drive people; good leaders fuel the drive in people.


The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Performance is about desire and drive, enthusiasm takes energy.

Leaders are uniquely positioned to fuel the drive in people.

Leaders have the power to re-spark fires.


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Thought Tweet #600

by Rick Baker
On Nov 2, 2012

Thought Tweet #600 Understanding Fire: That's one of Man's greatest achievements. That applies both externally and internally.


The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Where would we be without an understanding of how to use fire?

Wouldn't we be cold and uncomfortable?

Wouldn't we be uninspired?

Wouldn't we be in the dark...at least, half the time?


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Thought Tweet #588

by Rick Baker
On Oct 17, 2012

Thought Tweet #588 Why do so many people throttle back on learning as they mature and age?

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Are they disenchanted with work - uninspired?

Has 'the world' beaten curiosity out of them?

Do they not understand an active mind has the ability to self-sustain...to a ripe old age?


Simply put - Leaders Must Change!

by Rick Baker
On Oct 11, 2012

If you are a business leader then you must change.

You must change or the following will pass you by:

  • your good people
  • your good clients
  • your good suppliers
  • your competition
  • your goals
Why state so emphatically that all these things will pass by the business leaders who choose not to change?
  1. Only leaders can shake businesses out of these lingering economic doldrums. If your business is volume-stagnant or delivering too-low profit levels then your business is among the many businesses that have been unable to shake off the economic doldrums. If, after several years of struggling, your business has been unable to escape the economic doldrums then change is essential.
  2. Followers will not change unless they perceive leaders are making changes...i.e., followers need to see leaders 'changing by example'. Followers crave quality leadership. If your business has been stalled or suffering then your followers know it. And, they know who to blame - the leader. Followers will not be adventuresome or innovative if they believe the leaders is driving with one foot on the brake. 
  3. Good followers do not follow indecisive leaders. Good followers seek out leaders who can help them expand their knowledge and skills. Good followers want to work in progressive, opportunity-filled workplaces. Good followers look for business teams that have a good chance of winning.
  4. Some leaders will inject change into your business sector. You will either be one of those leaders or you won't - that's up to you - that's your choice. If you are one of those change-leaders then your business will have the opportunity to shake the economic doldrums. If you are not one of those change-leaders then your business will fail...sooner or later.  
"All the leaders I've met, worked with, and read about have had one thing in common. Along the way to becoming practitioners and masters of leadership, they transformed their character."
Dr. Joe MacInnis
'Deep Leadership', (2012)


Change: Creating Positive Change | INSPIRE PEOPLE - GROW PROFITS! | Leaders' Thoughts

Thought Tweet #520

by Rick Baker
On Jul 13, 2012

Thought Tweet #520 If you are uncomfortable with your work, that's contagious. If you enjoy your work, that's contagious.


The Thinking Behind The Tweet

What type of attitude are you spreading?

How much is your attitude affecting the people you work with?

Are you inspiring people & growing profits?

Thought Tweet #489

by Rick Baker
On May 31, 2012

Thought Tweet #489 Physical proximity can spark & ignite inspiration; physical proximity can cause the release of creative excellence.


The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Many most-excellent things have been created when people were inspired by others. Observing how, in reaction to others, some people achieve extremes in creative excellence provides insight into this phenomenon. The story of Beethoven's creation of 'Moonlight Sonata', whether the story is embellished or not, provides an explanation of the thinking behind this tweet. [For the Beethoven story see page 169 of Orison Swett Marden's 1911 classic 'Pushing To The Front'.]


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