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'Being Evocative'...that's the new Starting Point

by Rick Baker
On Nov 24, 2011

People get bored real quickly these days!

Probably, I have lulled you to sleep already and I have only begun to write.

If you will just hang in a bit more I will try to be quick with this message.

Maybe bullet points will help?

  • People get bored real quickly these days!
  • So, we need to do special stuff when we want to communicate with them!
The experts say, "You must be evocative". [translation - "You must pluck at people's emotional chords."]
That's the way to get people's attention.
How do you do that?
How do you pluck at people's emotional chords?
Here are some suggestions:
  1. Be Authentic: If you have a magnetic personality then use it. If you don't have natural charisma then work at improving your personality traits. Pick traits you desire to have then work at incorporating them into your character...I mean - want to improve and then work at it for the rest of your life.
  2. Be Intentional: Know exactly why you want to pluck at people's emotional chords. Your intent must have more substance than just trying to cram a sale or an idea down somebody's throat. A purely self-serving intent will not succeed.
  3. Be Colourful: Emotions have little interest in logic. Emotions like shiny objects, fast-moving things, colourful things, sharp sounds, funny things...stimulating things. Emotions like all these types of things but emotions do not like logic. 
This is just an introduction.
If your communications are not achieving the results you seek then make some adjustments.
If you think your people are not 'getting it' then make some adjustments.
If you think younger folks don't listen then make some adjustments.
After all...your goals are important!
'Being Evocative' is the new Starting Point!

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