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A Spirited Leaders scenario - #4

by Rick Baker
On Aug 25, 2013

Is your leadership team meeting your expectations?

If it is – Congratulations - keep up the good work!

If it is not – we can help.

We know the small-business challenges:

  • lack of time: everyone talks about being too busy to handle current work let alone something new
  • lack of accountability: deadlines pass and goals are not achieved
  • communication difficulties: there’s lots of talk…and too much of it is confused and negative
  • lack of customer connection: something is getting lost between good intentions and delivery…and client satisfaction could be much better

We have small-business solutions:

  • simple tools and straightforward methods, designed to improve the way leaders communicate with one another, make decisions, and take the actions that deliver results
  • mentoring and group guidance, designed to support, educate, and energize leaders and the people on their leadership teams

We offer new approaches to problem-solving. We specialize in solving people problems and process problems. We do this by concentrating on:

Talents – People generally only have a vague understanding of their talents. A couple of quick 1-on-1 sessions can identify Talents and create the Talent-Opportunity-Knowledge-Skills pattern that is proven to improve both motivation and performance of tasks.

Communication – There are 4 key communication areas:

  1. General Communication: for accountability and results
  2. Idea & Innovation Communication: to promote changes for the better
  3. Resolving Disputes: clarifying interests and expectations
  4. Client Communications: from marketing to getting profitable deals done

We offer support in these 4 communication areas.


Communication: Improving Communication | Spirited Leaders

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