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Courage, Confidence, & Succeeding at Business

by Rick Baker
On May 22, 2014

If you wish to excel at business, you must have a better than average amount of courage and self-confidence. These states of mind, these habits of character, are the building blocks that support thoughts and actions required to succeed. 

Spirited Leaders definitions:

  • Courage is the state of mind that gives you the ability to think and act productively in the face of difficult and fearful situations.
  • Confidence is the state of mind where you know you can handle the situation at hand and perhaps even excel in it. 

Courage & Confidence are the best states of mind for:

  • Tackling problems
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Adjusting in reaction to changes
Of most importance, Courage & Confidence not only help you accept and handle setbacks ranging from light criticism to major failure...Courage & Confidence open your mind to learning from these 2 facts-of-life. When you learn from criticism - when you have what Spirited Leaders call thick skin & thin skull - you obtain the benefits of other people's perspectives not available to the vast majority of people [because their skin is thin and their skulls are thick]. When you learn from failures and defeats [both yours and others'] you improve and grow. 

With Courage & Confidence you have a heightened ability to be 'present'. You accept the situation [rather than agonize over it, link it to past problems or transform it into worries about the future].

With Courage & Confidence you accept other people [rather than try to change them]. As Covey taught, you have the ability to seek first to understand [rather than jump to conclusions, paint others with negative brushes, etc.].

Courage & Confidence are the great enablers.

Courage & Confidence are worth the effort it will take you to plant and grow them.

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rick baker
6/14/2014 8:49:06 PM #

"I wholeheartedly believe that the only thing that can hurt any of us is not having confidence in ourselves. what often happens is that when we lose confidence we also lose our logic."

Mike Byster
'The Power of Forgetting', (2014)

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