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When the going gets tough...[you must tell] the tough [People how to] get going.

by Rick Baker
On Mar 17, 2015

Talk's cheap. And, slogans like "When the going gets tough the tough get going" are at best mildly encouraging and at worst annoying.

While People generally want to succeed after the going gets tough, most People have never received 'use-able' advice on how to make that happen.

There are many strategies and systems for dealing with tough People and tough Situations [i.e., Situations involving, of course, People]. There are complex pictures and laborious processes for handling complaints, being assertive, and delivering crucial conversations. Most of these strategies and systems are too complicated, too convoluted, and far too 'artificial' for most people to embrace.


There is a better way...not just a better way, a better & simpler way...a way that is not contrived.

To cover challenges of tough People and tough Situations, Mark Weber taught me one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned...

This area of business - dealing with tough People and tough Situations - is such an important facet of business [and life]...it warrants its own Master Rule.

Business Contains Only 3 Things and why not Seek Simple?




Business Contains Only 3 Things | Master Rules | Seeking Simple! | Spirited Leaders

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