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Who wants to improve?

by Rick Baker
On Mar 21, 2016

Who wants to improve? 

Some people do - they seek out motivational speakers and courses. These people want something and recognize the status quo isn't going to bring that something. 

Some people don't - they more or less do the same things day after day. They discount or ignore the advice they receive (regardless of how it is delivered). Sometimes, they blame others for their predicament...as victims do. 

But - is that actually true? Do some people truly have no interest in improving? Or, is that just what they say...their style of victim-speaking...their way of justifying lassitude or laziness or lack of ambition?

Regardless, there seems to be a disconnect between the people who want to improve and those who do not. The people within each group tend to understand one another, however, there’s a huge thinking-gap between the two groups. Here’s a couple of key indicators:

  • People who say and act like they want to improve seem to expect everyone wants to improve.
  • People who say and act like they do not want to improve seem to want to left alone …’let be’…not pestered by others who expect them to want to ‘change for the better’.

Most businesses contain people from each group. So, most businesses contain a major communication and performance rift between those who want to improve and those who do not. We will all be much better off if we can span these communication gaps and improve business performance. We can accomplish these improvements…first, with knowledge…then with communication laced with quality questions and quality listening.

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