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Entrepreneurs: Driven to Construction; Driven to Distraction.

by Rick Baker
On Sep 5, 2013

Strong entrepreneurs and strong salespeople see more opportunities.

I have witnessed this phenomenon repeatedly. It's like entrepreneurs and salespeople have RADAR that lights up continuously, identifying other people's problems, solutions to those problems, and underlying opportunities. Strong entrepreneurs and strong salespeople carry a mixed blessing with them, wherever they go. The ability to identify opportunities for improvement is part of the mixed blessing. The other part is the inability to maintain focus.

For some entrepreneurs and salespeople the inability to focus is so prevalent it removes concrete action and the ability to be on task...and worse...it often removes the ability to succeed.

Discarding ideas: that's a skill.

Ignoring opportunities: that's a skill.

For entrepreneurs and salespeople, these are essential executive-function skills. They can be summed up in one word - Focus. Focus is a major challenge for the strongest of entrepreneurs and salespeople. There are a number of reasons why it's a major challenge. To begin, strong entrepreneurs and salespeople are different breeds of cats. They often describe themselves as having ADD or some other affliction that causes them to be agitated, distracted, and unable to focus. On top of that, they are naturally curious people. Shiny opportunities always catch their attention...even when they are supposed to be focusing on the task at hand. Many entrepreneurs are fascinated by ideas [some thoughts on Ideation]. This too can work against focus and concentration.

While the best entrepreneurs and salespeople are driven to construction, they are also driven to distraction.

This must be addressed.

The best way to address it...

Take Talent to Task.

Don't fight to change gifted entrepreneurs and salespeople.

Make use of the entrepreneurs' and salespeople's strengths.

Cover their weaknesses with the strengths of other people. 


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