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Ego is the part of the mind that causes us to do what feels good to us because we think it looks good to others.

by Rick Baker
On Feb 28, 2019
The Thinking Behind the Tweet

That's a Spirited Leaders' definition. Some say Ego is a flaw. For example, if I understand him accurately, Eckhart Tolle considers Ego to be a pain body that really provides no benefit. [And I have a great deal of respect for Eckhart Tolle.] I think Ego is a valuable piece of the human condition but it is only valuable when people self-monitor and self-regulate to make sure Ego stays within boundaries of moderation.


Definitions - Spirited Words Defined | Thought Tweets

Good News: you have an emotionally charged group of leaders. Now: how do you convert that energy to the positive?

by Rick Baker
On Feb 27, 2019

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

When our ancestors first saw fire, the first things they saw and understood were destruction and danger. As time passed, as they became more thoughtful and more adventuresome, our ancestors learned the energy of fire could be harnessed and put to productive use. 

Harnessing energy and putting it to good use...that's the territory of leadership.

[So, when you see people blowing off steam at work recognize there is energy generating the steam. Energy is good. Energy does good when it is harnessed and properly directed. That's a thing of leadership.]

Learning from practice makes perfect - Learning is the essence of mastery.

by Rick Baker
On Feb 26, 2019

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

There's an old saying, "Practice makes perfect".

There's a newer saying, "Perfect practice makes perfect".

And I say, "Learning from practice makes perfect".

STRENGTH at task = mastery of task = perfect performance of task.

STRENGTH = Innate Talent + Opportunity + Specialized Knowledge + Practised Skill...and the practice is required because few get it perfect without practicing.

During practice, people err. As they err, smart people learn and make adjustments so their skills improve. With many errors under their belts, persistent people learn how to master tasks.

"Learning from practice makes perfect."

Learning is the essence of perfection & mastery.


STRENGTHS: People-Focused for Success | Thought Tweets

We simply must spend more time imagining Possibilities..."Think of things - not as they are but as they might be."

by Rick Baker
On Feb 25, 2019

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Robert Collier wrote, "Think of things - not as they are but as they MIGHT be." ...'The SECRET Of The Ages', (1926)

If we follow Robert Collier's advice then we will get beyond our personal biases, especially our tendency to judge others harshly. And, we will create.

Robert Collier, 'The SECRET Of The Ages', (1926)

If you had no problems on your mind, how much would you think?

by Rick Baker
On Feb 24, 2019

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

I have shared thoughts about problems...for example, in 2011, I wrote some motivational experts are confounded by the word 'Problem'. 

Here`s another - sometimes our brains find themselves stuck in Problem Ruts. We spend so much time thinking about problems that we forget we can think about other things. Specifically, we spend so much time thinking about viewing problems as opportunities-in-disguise we forget we can think about other things. As a few examples, we can also think about: making the most out of a situation, inventing a new process, and making one small improvement to a specific task.

While leaders must set rules, they must also empower people to be innovative as they pursue goals.

by Rick Baker
On Feb 23, 2019

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Novelty in thinking and action have never been more essential.

Few companies have that sort of culture...so - most companies must adopt desire for change if they wish to survive and thrive.


Abundance | Thought Tweets

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