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Sales Tweet #7

by Rick Baker
On Jul 27, 2010
Sales Tweet #7 By 9:45 tonight, write down the funniest things that happened today. Share one with a Client tomorrow.
The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet
Humour is a truly unique human attribute. Humor interests people. Humour connects people. And, some claim humour can invigorate health, cure disease, etc. So, humour is a relationship-building tool…it is one of the strongest tools for relationship building.


Humour | Sales | Thought Tweets

Sales Tweet #6

by Rick Baker
On Jul 26, 2010
Sales Tweet #6 Try a low-negative-thought diet. Grab your next 3 worries & refuse to let your mind chew on them anymore.
The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet
Napoleon Hill and many others to follow have taught us the value of keeping our mind free of negative thoughts. FYI: Dr. Daniel Amen provides some very useful techniques that he has provided to help his patients. He talks about getting rid of your ANTs...Automatic Negative Thoughts. All of us have them. Few of us have proven techniques for minimizing them.


Attitude: Creating Positive Attitude | Sales | Thought Tweets

Sales Tweet #5

by Rick Baker
On Jul 23, 2010
Sales Tweet #5 Who helped or inspired you the most this week? Pick 2 of these people and mail to them hand-written thank you notes...today.
The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet
Many people help us and they know they helped us. Some people help us and they do not realize they helped us or they do not realize how much they helped us. Regardless, hand-written thank you notes - sincere hand-written thank you notes - can deliver a nice little pat on the back. And - who can't use a pat on the back!

Sales Tweet #4

by Rick Baker
On Jul 22, 2010
Sales Tweet #4 How about finding Clients for your Clients. Clients' Clients...keys to help you unlock many more doors.
The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet
Jeffrey Gitomer provides some great ideas in this area. For example, he talks about setting up 4-person lunch meetings where your Client brings a referral for you and you bring a referral for your Client. That is, you bring a Client for your Client.


Sales | Thought Tweets

Sales Tweet #3

by Rick Baker
On Jul 21, 2010
Sales Tweet #3 Think about your 7 best Clients...your "bright lights". What do they have in common? Duplicate the bright lights.
The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet
To maximize our success we need to focus on our Strengths. Similarly, when we determine what makes our best Clients stand out as best Clients we have an opportunity to template or profile our Ideal Client…to avoid the trap of commodity-like competition target marketing is an essential.


Borrowing Brilliance | Questions?: The Art of Asking Good Questions | Sales | Thought Tweets

Sales Tweet #2

by Rick Baker
On Jul 20, 2010
Sales Tweet #2 Good Habits, Bad Habits & New Things... It's your choice. Why not try doing a New Sales Thing today.
The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet
When you boil it down, people only do three different things. They do Good Habits. They do Bad Habits. And, from time to time, they do New Things. Doing New Things is the major key to success.


Habits: Good Habits, Bad Habits, & New Things | Sales | Thought Tweets

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