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Spending time complaining about not having enough time - Don't you think that's being silly?

by Rick Baker
On Mar 14, 2016

Everyone who knows me well knows I have a serious interest in the concept of ‘Time’. [I mean a strong interest in the philosophy and the physics around the concept of Time]. And, people who know me well accept the fact I maintain an ongoing ‘serious peeve’ about self-talk and expression of thoughts like, “I’m too busy” and “I don’t have time”. 

Of course, when you have a serious peeve [i.e., much more than a pet peeve], you tend to want to explain it to people. You want to try to persuade them to buy into your way of thinking. And, if you are like me then you write things in an effort to express your thoughts and arguments. 

Here are some samples of the things I have written:

  • If you think time flies, try holding your breath while your boss is telling a story.
  • A person who chases two rabbits is 'too busy' to catch either.
  • Beware those vagrant thoughts. [Unless, of course, you want to waste a lot of time.]
  • When Opportunities seek out people to visit, they pretty much avoid all the too-busy people.
  • Only a silly person would waste time talking about not having enough time.

Life is a state of mind.” [The U.S. President said that at the end of one of my favourite movies…in 1979.] Actually, life is a relentless stream of states of mind. [I said that in a little Thought Post titled ‘ It's all a matter of mindset’.] 

If you believe life is a relentless stream of states of mind then you may be drawn into thinking about the content of your states of mind. You may be drawn into thinking about how those states arrive in your mind. And, you may be drawn into thinking about controlling your states of mind.

That’s what happened to me:

  • I accepted life is a relentless stream of states of mind
  • I recognized some of those states of mind are positive, while others are negative
  • I decided I can, to a degree, control the thoughts that exist in my states of mind


I decided I did not want my states of mind to contain thoughts like “I’m too busy” and “I don’t have time”.  

With effort and practice, I pretty much removed these ‘time-constrained’ states from my mind. I found this improved my quality of life…increased my peace of mind. 

This sequence of events compelled me to try to help others remove 'time-constrained thinking' from their states of mind. 



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