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"I'm too busy". That's a real good way not to be thinking.

by Rick Baker
On Apr 7, 2019

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

I favour abundance thinking over scarcity mindsets. 

If I think "I'm too busy" then I have a scarcity mindset with respect to time, the most-precious commodity...or darned close to it.

So - I must not think "I'm too busy."

And - I must leave "I'm too busy" to the people who embrace those scarcity mindsets. 


Abundance | I'm too busy! - I don't have time! | Thought Tweets

Influencing Powerful People - #11

by Rick Baker
On Apr 6, 2019

Here's a Dirk Schlimm quote that goes beyond 'influencing powerful people':

“Use every opportunity to observe and learn. It is a lot less costly to learn from the mistakes of others than from your own!”

On the other hand...

When we make mistakes with powerful people they often respond with more-poignant lessons than less-powerful people. Most powerful people do not want to suffer fools. Powerful people raise the standard beyond 'fools'. Powerful people do not want to suffer normal folks and powerful people rarely suffer bright folks who don't add clear and immediate value. And, powerful people provide hard-knocks lessons to people who disagree with them...especially, if that disagreement is expressed in public. 

A family-business perspective -

In family businesses, often, parents hold positions of power over children. Often, parents are bosses and children report to parents. Also, parents possess other forms of power - expertise power [specialized talents, knowledge and skills], financial power [control of money and rewards], relationship power [with the 'old guard' at the company and long-term clients] , and many other types of power. And, frequently, parents have trouble letting go of their power.

Some could argue - in family businesses, there are less opportunities for following-generation people to observe and learn from other's mistakes. Some could argue the exact opposite. For example, I've met with younger brothers who have learned from older brothers' mistakes. These mistakes can create complications where children must choose between a parent and a sibling. That can tear families apart. 

Families who work together find themselves in a unique 'power situation'.  To thrive in that unique situation, people will benefit from 'influencing powerful people' education.

Good news - Dirk Schlimm is visiting CFFB on April 26th...less than 3 weeks from today!


Family Business and CFFB | Influencing | Leaders' Thoughts

"I had to succeed because I finally ran out of things that wouldn't work."

by Rick Baker
On Apr 6, 2019

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

According to Napoleon Hill, Thomas Edison said that while talking about his persistence while working through 10,000 attempts to create the light bulb.


Attitude: Creating Positive Attitude | Hero Worship | Thought Tweets

Courage is the 'Prime Enabler'. It enables self-analysis, self-confidence, curiosity, creativity, & innovation.

by Rick Baker
On Apr 5, 2019

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

It takes courage to face adversity. It takes courage to face criticism. It takes courage to face change

Children are born courageous and independent-minded. But, often, that is discouraged.

It takes wisdom to re-build courage.

Why did Evolution deny human ears the privilege of showing us when they are actually operating?

by Rick Baker
On Apr 4, 2019

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Our eyes fare better.

Even our mouths, which cause us so much trouble, fare better.

This helps us understand why dogs are Mans' Best Friend. 


Communication: Improving Communication | Humour | Thought Tweets

I'm annoyed by that cliché "skin in the game'" I want to hear more about skull in the game.

by Rick Baker
On Apr 3, 2019

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Let's forget about putting money in & getting that pound of flesh and set our sights a bit higher...that is, let's concentrate on kilograms of neurons packaged in open-minded skulls.

It is time we started to recognize the attributes delivered in the form of thick skin and thin skulls.


Humour | Thick Skin & Thin Skull | Thought Tweets

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