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Sales Tweet #129

by Rick Baker
On Jan 13, 2011
Sales Tweet #129 Go out on a limb. That’s a good way to find some fruit.
The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet
The worst that can happen is you may be out there hanging once in a while. If that happens…do some chin-ups. No point wasting a good opportunity!


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Sales Tweet #125

by Rick Baker
On Jan 7, 2011
Sales Tweet #125 People are talking and obviously it's nonsense so you begin to speak.
The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet
Eckhart Tolle said that in one of his 'retreats'. People laughed. They laughed because they recognized that’s exactly what they do, at least from time to time. This Sales Tweet is another reminder - Listen Well!


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Sales Tweet #95

by Rick Baker
On Nov 26, 2010
Sales Tweet #95 Personality friction: too much is abrasive, too little is no connection, & the right amount brings warmth.
The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet
OK. We admit it is a metaphor on the verge of being out of control.

But, we believe it is much better to accept the reality of people's personality differences than to do things like ‘mirror the Client’ to build rapport.

If we work at keeping our self-esteem high then we will tend to do the right things.

Our natural personality + high self-esteem + doing the right things = More Than Enough


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Sales Tweet #93

by Rick Baker
On Nov 24, 2010
Sales Tweet #93 Apes and monkeys solve problems for the fun of it. If they enjoy solving problems then so can we.
The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet
Of course, I can not prove this from first-hand experience…although; I have always been very fond of monkeys.

The point: problem solving is a key to small things and things as big as civilization. We might as well approach it as enthusiastically as the other primates.

Let’s not forget the tough time Charlton Heston had to go through in those Planet of the Apes movies.

And relax - we human beings have a leg up on the lower primates.

We have P=2S+O!


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Sales Tweet #83

by Rick Baker
On Nov 10, 2010
Sales Tweet #83 People pass lie detector tests 2 ways: telling the truth and lying while believing the test won't work.
The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet
I am pleased to confirm I have no first-hand experience to prove this is a fact. I am basing that Sales Tweet on things experts have written.
Experts say…
• If one is telling the truth then one feels no fear. When one feels no fear a lie detector will not register any of the automatic physical reactions the body experiences in reaction to fear.
• If one does not believe the lie detector test will work then one experiences no fear so, again, the lie detector test registers no ‘fear reactions’.
What’s the point?
There are at least 3:
1. Belief is a powerful tool…as Napoleon Hill said, “What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”
2. The human body reacts automatically to situations – particularly, stressful situations. However, these automatic reactions can be controlled. There is no more astonishing example than the Navy SEAL example.
3. Obviously, lie detectors can provide a great deal of great fun…however; we recommend you experience them in places not called the ‘Interrogation Room’.


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Sales Tweet #25

by Rick Baker
On Aug 20, 2010
Sales Tweet #25 If your boss is all over you then the best wrestling escape move is called 'Closing Some Sales'.
The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet
Often very good sales people forget to close deals. There are many reasons why this happens. Regardless, it tends to trouble both the sales people and their sales managers. Sometimes, sales people place the majority of the blame on the boss rather than on themselves. Actions, successful sales actions like closing sales, are the best way to succeed in the sales role.


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