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Sales Tweet #9

by Rick Baker
On Jul 29, 2010
Sales Tweet #9 Successful people pick up and return more phone calls. Don’t ignore successful people. Call one today.
The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet
On average, I believe successful people return more phone calls and return more email messages than people who are not so successful. Here's why I believe that: (1) it aligns with my personal experiences when I leave messages, (2) successful people are more organized than less successful people so successful people have more time to do things like return phone calls, (3) successful people are more open-minded curious than less successful people, and (4) successful people expect good news while unsuccessful people expect not-so-good news.


Beyond Business | I'm too busy! - I don't have time! | Thought Tweets

Too busy to be great at what you do?

by Rick Baker
On Jun 10, 2010
Too busy to be great at what you do?
Are you really busy at work?
Too busy?
Are you too busy to be great at what you do?
If you feel that way once in a while then that’s to be expected…that’s not a problem.
If you feel you are too busy most of the time then that is a problem…not good for you, not good for your employer.
If you feel you are too busy most of the time then you have some choices:
  1. Keep doing what you are doing and hope the feeling goes away
    [the ‘procrastination’ option]
  2. Quit and get a new job
    [the ‘change my job’ option]
  3. Change the way you go about your job so the feeling goes away permanently
    [the ‘change the way I work’ option]
Most people make an effort to change the way they work. They make changes like working extra hours, taking a time-management course, reading a self-help book, asking others for advice, etc. But, more often than not their effort to change the way they work is short-lived and they move into the procrastination mode. They feel overworked yet they continue and carry on.
Sometimes people who feel they overwork but underperform free up enough time to find a new job. Other times their employers pave the path for that by terminating their employment.
Question: how many people do you know who felt overworked [while underperforming], made some changes in the way they went about their business, and lived happily ever after? I mean, how many people made permanent changes for the better?
I have ideas. We should compare notes on this and create a list of How To strategies and tactics.
Things You Can Do To Overcome The Feeling You Are Too Busy To Be Great At Your Job:
Five to ten suggestions ought to give people a good start at it…

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