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Chapter 4

by Rick Baker
On Jun 5, 2012

Consider the first fundamental choice presented in Chapter 3:

Determine how to become satisfied with the Low, Norm, and High feelings you experience while at work.

Why would you want to do this?

Why would you want to accept or learn to live with less-than-optimal feelings during your work-life?

There are many reasons why you may want to accept or learn to live with your Low, Norm, and High. Some of the reasons are good reasons; some of the reasons are not good reasons. That's a judgment you can and should take the time to make. First, write out a list of possible reasons then take some time to think about each one. Is it a good reason?  If so, keep it on your list. If not, discard it. Make sure your list only contains good reasons [to accept or learn to live with less-than-optimal feelings during your work-life].

Here are some possible reasons to help you get started on your list:

  • Work is a means to an end. Work is a necessary evil that provides money, which I need for other things.
  • I am too busy to think about how I feel at work.
  • My brain can only handle so much and I am using it to improve in other areas of my life.
  • ___________________________________________________________________________________
  • ___________________________________________________________________________________
  • ___________________________________________________________________________________
  • ___________________________________________________________________________________
Now, you have a list of reasons. Spend a minute or two thinking about each reason: is it a good reason? If so then keep it on your list; if not then strike a line through it and never think of it again. Take a look at the reasons that remain. which one rises to the top?
My #1 reason for accepting or learning to live with less-than-optimal feelings during my work-life is:
You have a good reason and you know you have given it some thought...enough thought. Now, is not the right time to invest thought and effort into improving your work-feelings.
And, later, there will be a right time. 

When that right time arrives, return to read the next chapter.




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