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A thin skull allows important stuff to get in easier.

by Rick Baker
On Jun 4, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Mistakes bang into and bounce off thick skulls.

This annoys Mistakes because their role is teaching lessons.

The problem is: When thick skulls won't let them in Mistakes cannot teach lessons to thick-skulled brains.

So Mistakes keep coming back, knocking on thick skulls over and over and over again.

While Mistakes are born to be great teachers, over time they tend to develop an uppity attitude and a nasty sense of humour. Even when they've given up on teaching well-concealed brains Mistakes have no desire to stop knocking on the thick skulls that house those brains.

The key foresight point is: We can count on Mistakes to come back over and over again to knock on our skulls if we keep them thick.

The bottom line is: As long as our skulls remain thick we will never have the opportunity to learn the lessons taught by Mistakes.


Recipe for Complication: mix up some simple things, set basic courtesy on the back burner, & watch people get heated up.

by Rick Baker
On Jun 4, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

When we do simple things right we pave smoother paths. When we are courteous or at least civil with others we pave smoother paths. When we do not do these things we should expect a rough road ahead.


Humour | Seeking Simple! | Thought Tweets

Trust your gut feel...after all, the fast food industry trusts your gut feel.

by Rick Baker
On Jun 3, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Sometimes your gut feel gets you into trouble...despite the warning signs from your tightening belt.


Humour | Thought Tweets

Give yourself injections of that oxymoron, Constructive Criticism

by Rick Baker
On Jun 2, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Create a Do It Yourself Hormesis Program, aimed at thickening your skin and building your tolerance for other people's shortcomings. 

CAUTION: If you are like most people then your initial tolerance for criticism will be unbelievably low...so start with very low doses of self-criticism. And, build the doses up slowly over time...until you are able to face your screaming vein-bulging face in the mirror. 

When they are messing on the floor, sometimes you just gotta put down your newspaper.

by Rick Baker
On Jun 2, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

It actually happened just after the turn of the century...amidst double entendre & a wicked sense of humour.


Criticism: Constructive Criticism is an Oxymoron | Humour | Thought Tweets

Loose lips sink ships…Loose cannons sink 'em too.

by Rick Baker
On Jun 1, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Loose Cannons Fire At Will...and they fire at pretty much everyone else within earshot and nearshot. Loose cannons get unhinged before you can blink and they blast-fire with little or no warning. Sometimes their pins slip and they tilt and blow the planks right from under your feet...leaving you with nothing to stand on. And, sometimes, after repetitive volleys they cause your ship to list, take on water, and maybe even sink.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for loose cannons. When you hear them rumbling around and exploding, take corrective measures...for the sake of ship safety and security.


Communication: Improving Communication | Humour | Thought Tweets

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