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Chapter 1

by Rick Baker
On May 15, 2012

Drop what you're doing and take a time out

During your time out, think about how work fits into your life. Forget, for the moment, the past and how you got to where you are. And, set aside thoughts about the future. 'Get present' about your work-situation. Think about the role you do at work. Think about your work-tasks, your work-place, the people you provide service to, and other aspects of your work. 

When you are sure you are focused on your present work, answer this question: "How do I feel about my present work-situation?

Think about your feelings. Decide how to measure them. Be clear. And use a measuring tool so you can pinpoint exactly how you feel. The tool you use to measure your feelings must be simple, easy to understand, and easy to use.

The Minus10-to-Plus10 Scale meets those requirements.



Here's how it works.

When people use this scale to measure feelings, there are two extremes - one most-positive and the other most-negative. When answering the question "How do I feel about my present work-situation?":

  • If you answer Plus10 then you are telling yourself your work-situation could not possibly be better. Every aspect of your work-situation is sheer bliss
  • If you answer Zero then you are telling yourself your work-situation is ho-hum. Your work contains no highlights. Nothing about your work is particularly good or particularly bad. Your workdays are uneventful.
  • If you answer Minus10 then you are telling yourself your work-situation could not be worse. Every aspect of your work-situation is absolutely unbearable.


The Spectrum of Feelings

Sheer Bliss: Plus10

Enthusiasm Zone: Plus7 to Plus9

Enjoyment Zone: Plus4 to Plus7
Acceptance Zone: Plus1 to Plus4

Ho-hum: 0
Uncomfortable Zone: Minus1 to Minus4

Distress Zone: Minus4 to Minus7

Excruciation Zone: Minus7 to Minus9
Absolutely Unbearable: Minus10

These descriptions and the six zones provide context to allow you to pick the rating that best describes your feelings. 
So...on a Minus10-to-Plus10 Scale...
"How do you feel about your present work-situation?"
...to be continued


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rick baker
5/4/2012 8:18:07 PM #

"You know from your own experience that under proper mental conditions of joy and enthusiasm, you can do three or four times the work without fatigue that you can ordinarily."

Robert Collier
'The SECRET of The Ages', (1926)

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