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Sales Tweet #88

by Rick Baker
On Nov 17, 2010
Sales Tweet #88 Do you use ‘marker’ questions and comments to gauge your Probable Client’s interest?
The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet
Direct questions and comments often annoy people. And, people with hidden agendas are skilled at evading direct questions and redirecting conversations.

When trust is strong ‘markers’ are not required and they should be few and far between.

When relationships have not existed long enough to confirm trust is strong ‘markers’ are one way of gaining an understanding of the other person’s thoughts and desires.

When you know relationships are strained or when Client information is guarded ‘markers’ may be the only successful communication strategy.


Questions?: The Art of Asking Good Questions | Sales | Thought Tweets

Sales Tweet #87

by Rick Baker
On Nov 16, 2010
Sales Tweet #87 When the boss told Ernest Seller to make C-level contacts, Ernest restricted his calls to 3rd floor offices.
The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet
And…Ernest has met some interesting people during his 3rd floor travels. He told me 3rd floor people just love him when he chats them up. However, and we must keep this between you and me because Ernest doesn’t want his boss to know, Ernest thinks his boss' focus on 3rd floor offices is a silly sales strategy. But, you know how it is - the boss is the boss...can't tell him anything. And, Ernest is convinced - sooner or later his boss will wise up.


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Sales Tweet #86

by Rick Baker
On Nov 15, 2010
Sales Tweet #86 Free up some time by having a pre-set process for dealing with problems. See P=2S+O www.activestor.ca
The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet
Another piece of free up some time advice…
Many people waste a huge amount of time worrying about and even agonizing over problems.
Business life is laced with problems…some small, some not-so-small.
So, it makes sense to have a ready-to-use system for addressing problems.
This provides many benefits…but, here, we will only mention 3:
• It ensures time is not wasted thinking about how to go about addressing the problem
• It forces a solution orientation…i.e., positivity trumps worry
• It builds confidence
That’s why we created P=2S+O©

A link to P=2S+O©


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Sales Tweet #85

by Rick Baker
On Nov 12, 2010
Sales Tweet #85 Ernest Seller fainted at a Client's office yesterday. When he came to he asked if he got the order.
The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet
As is often the case with Ernest, there's good news and there's bad news. The good news is Ernest actually didn’t faint. He faked it. His boss reminded him of his mid-month sales target and this was Ernest's way of pulling out the stops. The bad news is Ernest forgot he tried this stunt with the same Client midway through last month. So, as Ernest came to, his Client refused to accept it as a full revival and poured a bucket of ice water on Ernest.


Thought Tweets | Ernest Seller

Sales Tweet #84

by Rick Baker
On Nov 11, 2010
Sales Tweet #84 The #2 and #3 Things: #2 determine your Client’s interest and #3 determine your Client’s self-esteem.
The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet
If your Client is not interested, if your Client has little personal vested interest, then that is something you must understand. This does not necessarily mean your Client will not say, “Yes”. However, it is the most important thing to understand before you proceed. Your Client’s self-esteem is the next-most-important thing. To excel at the sale you must understand whether or not your Client has low self-esteem or high-self esteem. Your decision on this is required if you want to confidently guide your sales actions.


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Sales Tweet #83

by Rick Baker
On Nov 10, 2010
Sales Tweet #83 People pass lie detector tests 2 ways: telling the truth and lying while believing the test won't work.
The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet
I am pleased to confirm I have no first-hand experience to prove this is a fact. I am basing that Sales Tweet on things experts have written.
Experts say…
• If one is telling the truth then one feels no fear. When one feels no fear a lie detector will not register any of the automatic physical reactions the body experiences in reaction to fear.
• If one does not believe the lie detector test will work then one experiences no fear so, again, the lie detector test registers no ‘fear reactions’.
What’s the point?
There are at least 3:
1. Belief is a powerful tool…as Napoleon Hill said, “What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”
2. The human body reacts automatically to situations – particularly, stressful situations. However, these automatic reactions can be controlled. There is no more astonishing example than the Navy SEAL example.
3. Obviously, lie detectors can provide a great deal of great fun…however; we recommend you experience them in places not called the ‘Interrogation Room’.


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