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Conflicted thoughts have awesome power. Unfortunately, the power does more damage than good.

by Rick Baker
On Feb 8, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Confusion: that's a light sampling of conflicted thought.

Torn between 2...that's a heavier sampling.

Confounded: that can be bloody annoying.

Conflicted thoughts are the roots of frustration.

Frustration gets you nowhere & getting nowhere is frustrating: a vicious circle or downward spiral.

At least when we are angry we are more certain about our thoughts. This is why anger is better than frustration.


Thinking as in Think and Grow Rich | Thought Tweets

If you had no problems on your mind, how much would you think?

by Rick Baker
On Feb 5, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

I have shared thoughts about problems...for example - some motivational experts are confounded by the word 'Problem'. 

Here`s another - sometimes our brains find themselves stuck in Problem Ruts. We spend so much time thinking about problems that we forget we can think about other things. Specifically, we spend so much time thinking about viewing problems as opportunities-in-disguise we forget we can think about other things. As a few examples, we can also think about: making the most out of a situation, inventing a new process, and making one small improvement to a specific task.


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Errors visit us to make sure we haven't forgotten we exist to learn.

by Rick Baker
On Feb 3, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Sure, problems can be annoying. They are impolite, arriving at the wrong time and place. And it often seems they are visiting the wrong person.

If we find ourselves annoyed when problems arrive, we can look at that annoyance as a decision trigger. We can pull triggers that send bullets that injure ourselves and others. Or, we can take a bit of time to concentrate on our targets and pull more constructive triggers.

Personal Values, Rules of Engagement, & setting off those Hot Button alarms

by Rick Baker
On Jan 31, 2017

When it comes to personal values, there are a handful of common Hot Buttons where differing views about personal values cause problems. Examples include: money, failure to deliver on commitments, personal organization and timeliness, attitude, manners, and communication styles.

When we look at businesses that are succeeding and those that are not, we see these different values 'in action', sometimes meshing together and other times grinding against one another. When businesses are succeeding we see alignment, consistency, and harmony in people's personal values and the rules that guide conduct. When businesses are struggling and failing, we see misaligned values, misunderstood values, disharmony, and disconnected approaches to the rules that guide conduct.

When individual's personal values do not align, business challenges always follow. It is only a matter of time. Sometimes, while people are struggling to start up a business or get over a difficult period in business differences in personal values are set aside…as in – setting aside differences in order to focus on a shared goal. On the other hand, when the dust of the problems clears the differences in personal values start to dominate the mindsets and influence the interactions for the worse. This explains why many businesses fall apart or plummet right after achieving plateaus of new success.

Here is another personal-values Hot Button: Sense of Urgency!

Sense of Urgency & the setting of priorities, particularly in entrepreneurial environments...these are things that often set strong reactions into play. Some people, for example Stephen R Covey, strongly embrace the concept of making time for the Important things. Other people embrace a fleet-of-foot-action approach that always favors Urgency over Important…continuously pressing for prompt action.

When we mix these two ways…

When we see the merits of executing work with a sense of Urgency and we take the time to create strategies and plan our most Important work…

...we maximize success, both with people and with profit.

Success contains a blend of 'imaginative' & 'disciplined' thinking.

by Rick Baker
On Jan 30, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Creativity versus LogicEntrepreneurship versus Big Business. Rock Logic versus Water LogicEinstein versus Socrates. The School of Hard Knocks versus Academia. Right-brain versus Left-brain [which I think is a dangerous over-simplification of how the human brain actually works].

Regardless of how we define their difference we need to keep these opposites in proper balance.

How do you find the proper balance between 'imaginative' & 'disciplined' thinking?


Brain: about the Human Brain | Thinking as in Think and Grow Rich | Thought Tweets

When you make a fine argument...shut up, listen, watch, & learn.

by Rick Baker
On Jan 26, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

First, learn about the extent of the fineness of your argument. I mean, bring your thick skin and thin skull...and keep your ego under full control.

Was your argument really as fine as you thought?

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